Removing Your Boat From Winter Storage

Access to a boat makes it easy to enjoy an afternoon out on the water whenever you want. Boats must be stored away safely in climates where temperatures are not conducive to them staying on the water throughout the year.

If you are getting ready to remove your boat from winter storage for the upcoming season, there are some vital things that you need to do to ensure that you can enjoy the summer without mechanical problems.

Check for Corrosion

All of the water needs to be drained from your boat prior to storage. This helps to prevent busted pipes and water damage. Unfortunately, the elements can take a toll on the condition of your boat during the winter months.

You need to complete a full check for corrosion before putting the vessel back out on the water. Exposure to additional moisture will only accelerate the corrosion process, putting the structural stability of your boat at risk. Remove all rust as soon as you pull your boat out of winter storage, and replace any corroded components.

Evaluate Safety Equipment

Most boat owners store their safety equipment inside the vessel for the winter. This can free up storage space in your home, but it might put your equipment at risk.

Take the time to evaluate each piece of equipment for signs of damage. Insects or rodents can chew through the straps on life jackets and safety flotation devices.

Moisture can cause safety equipment to mold. Ensure that your safety equipment has weathered winter storage before you hit the water.

Clean Thoroughly

It's important that you remove any dirt or debris that might have accumulated on the surface of the boat while in storage. This is especially true if you didn't have a full cover on your boat through the winter months.

Dirt particles have the potential to scratch the protective varnish on your boat. When this protective layer is compromised, the metal beneath could sustain serious damage.

Use a pressure washer to eliminate all dirt and debris, then apply a coat of marine wax to give your boat maximum protection before you put it into the water for the first time this boating season.

Proper boat storage preparation is critical to boat safety, but removing your boat from storage correctly matters also. Be sure that you are preparing for success this boating season by inspecting and cleaning your boat after taking it out of storage.

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Access to a boat makes it easy to enjoy an afternoon out on the water whenever you want. Boats must be stored away safely in climates where temperatur