3 Techniques To Make Your House Move Environmentally Friendly

When it comes time to pack up your home ready to move, it is amazing how many packing materials you need to safely transport your belongings. However, as someone who is diligent about living life in an environmentally-friendly manner, you are wondering how best to pack up your things in an eco-friendly way. Use these three techniques to ensure the packing and transportation of your house contents are done in a way that matches your environmental beliefs.

1. Say Goodbye To Bubble Wrap

While bubble wrap is an effective way to protect fragile belongings, it is also a product that is made of plastic. The type of plastic used to make bubble wrap means it cannot be placed into your recycle bin after use. It can be recycled, but it needs to be taken to the same place you take your plastic supermarket bags. Because of this, a lot of bubble wrap ends up at the local landfill. So, use linen and clothing to wrap fragile items rather than bubble wrap. Linen and clothing are going to your new home anyway, so using them as wrapping means you use no plastic alternatives.

2. Forage For Boxes Rather Than Buying New Ones

Purchasing new cardboard boxes is a convenient way to pack up your belongings because you can buy them all at one time at your local hardware store. However, every box you buy has been produced using paper, and this paper comes from trees. A more environmentally-friendly solution is to visit local supermarkets, furniture stores, and businesses to find out if they have any cardboard boxes which are being given away for free. You won't get all the boxes you need at one time, but you will get plenty of different sized ones over a short period of time. After you have finished with them, give them away for free through your local buy sell group so that others can also help the environment.

3. Be Environmentally-Friendly With Old Appliances And Personal Belongings

Many people use moving as an opportunity to get rid of appliances and belongings they don't use any more. However, most of the time these items end up in the landfill which is a waste of the resources used to make the item in the first place. A better idea is to take as much as possible to places which can use it. For example, find a local charity which helps homeless people start again and see if they want appliances, furniture, and clothing which you are not using anymore. These items may no longer be usable by you, but they will be cherished by others.

Your local moving companies have other ideas about environmentally-friendly moves if you require further suggestions.

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