3 Tips For Seasonal Packing When You Move This Fall

If you are planning on moving this fall, you are going to want to make sure that you have easy access to your fall and winter gear and put your warm weather items away until the next year. Here are a few tips to keep things organized by seasons as you move.

#1 Pack Up Your Summer Supplies

Start by packing up your summer items. Go through your clothing and pull out your summer clothing. Clean and pack up your summer clothing in its own box. As you will not need your summer clothing for a while, it doesn't make sense to unpack these items when you get to your new home. You can keep your summer clothing in a storage closet or storage unit.

Next, you are going to want to clean up any summer toys that you have. For example, beach blankets and water toys are all summer toys that you don't need right now. Clean these up and store them together.

Finally, get together outdoor seasonal items, like furniture, tools, and your barbecue. Clean these items so that you remove all dirt from them.

All of these items can be stored and labeled so that you don't have to worry about unpacking them when you get to your new home. This will reduce the amount of packing that you need to do.

#2 Consider Storage for Seasonal Items

You don't really need to bring items that you are not going to use for months to your new home. If your new home has limited storage, consider renting a storage unit for your seasonal items. If you rent a storage unit near your new home, you can have the movers make a stop at the storage unit to unload all of your seasonal items. If you stop by a storage unit before going to your home, make sure all of those items and boxes are packed near the front of the truck and very clearly labeled.

#3 Make Winter Items Easy to Access

Next, make sure that you have easy access to all your winter and fall clothing. You are going to want to be able to easily get these items out. Box up and place cold weather items together and label them as seasonal items.

This will make it easier to pull out your winter items as fall fades away and the weather gets colder. You will not have to unpack these boxes right away, but when it comes time to get out your winter coat, you will not have to go digging for it, you'll be able to easily pull it out of the right box.

When moving in the fall, make sure that you handle all of your seasonal items correctly. Box up and put your summer and spring items into storage so they don't take up room in your new home. Label winter clothing and items so that they are easy to access. Make sure you keep out the right clothing for the fall so you are comfortable when you get to your new home.

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