Tips for Moving Your Expensive Electronics

As you get closer to your moving date, you'll need to start packing up your expensive electronic devices. These items that can be quite costly to replace if they become damaged on their way to your new home. Here are some tips that will help you move your electronics in a safe and organized manner. 

Disconnect All Cables

It may be tempting to pack a computer, television, or set top box with all the cables still plugged into the back, since you may think it will help you save time trying to set up these items at your new place. The problem with this idea is that it can damage your electronics in a way that will cause an expensive repair.

If a cord breaks off in an electronic device, or causes the port to become bent, there will be no easy way to fix it. You'll have to get the entire component replaced in order to get that port working again. This means that even if you break one HDMI port on your TV, you'll have to replace the entire circuit board. Expect to pay a lot of money for both parts and labor to have this repair work done.

Instead, try sorting your cables by the device that they go into and putting them into plastic bags that are clearly labeled. This will help you easily find all of the cables you need when you arrive at your new home without having to sort them out from a big bundle of tangled cables.

Protect Screens

The screen is one part of an electronic device that is likely to become damaged in a move. This applies to computer monitors, televisions, or anything that can get bumped during transit. One trick is to use a moving box and cut out a piece of cardboard that is big enough to fit over the entire screen, then secure it in place with tape. This will give the screen a bit of protection in case the screen gets bumped into a corner during a move.

Another option is to hold onto the original box for the item and use it for packing. It is perfectly designed to hold the item for maximum protection and has precisely cut styrofoam to keep the device secure. While your moving supply store sells adjustable boxes for televisions and monitors, nothing is better than the box it came in.

Speak with your movers for more tips about moving expensive electronics and other moving services. 

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